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April 2016

"I had lessons with Dave and they paid off, I passed my driving test mostly down to his calming manner and patience.He is very easy to understand and made me feel more confident and I cannot recommend him enough for his great tutoring ability."

Pauline Moloney

April 2016

"Dave Lucey is a great driving instructor. His lessons are clear, thorough and to-the-point. I passed my driving test first time round after his instructions. I highly recommend him"

Roy Daly

April 2016

"When I first started driving I was really nervous and had very little confidence. I didn't think it was something that I would ever be able to do. I started taking lessons with Dave and I honestly could not recommend him enough. He gave me the encouragement, time and patience I needed to build my confidence and competency on the road. Dave is an excellent instructor and with his help and advice I passed my test first time in April."

Louise Flynn

April 2015

"David was a very experienced driver whom excelled in this field. In primary lessons, David could see the potential problems I had and zoned in on these with encouraging methods to correct them. I would highly recommend David. If you want to pass the driving test Dave is the best."

Ultan Mulqueen

March 2016

"Past my driving test first time thanks to Dave , he taught me from the very beginning . He is excellent ,extremely professional , always reliable for lessons and very calm and relaxed which put my nerves at ease . I couldn't sing his praises enough and would recommend Dave to anyone."

Suzie Forde

December 2015

"You could say that I had gone to a couple of driving instructors before and had never really made much progress. Dave put me at ease straight away by addressing any worries I had about driving and working on aspects that were holding me back. I was far more comfortable and within a few months I had passed my test. I would recommend him for anyone who is a bit hesitant about starting to drive. I felt I made great progress even within a few lessons."

Vincent Hanley

November 2015

"Passed on the first attempt with huge thanks to Dave. I called him up as summer ended and he was happy to help and extremely accommodating. Depending on your level beginning he'll know what practice to do and focus on. You go by the rsa's core guidelines and 12 models but I did a few extra lessons to build up confidence for my test. Dave is a very supportive instructor and is very honest in gauging your progress. He knows the test route like the back of his hand but he's also great at planning for surprises. I used his car and met him to practice before my test and he was there to greet me afterwards. His car is an excellent and reliable car to do both lessons and test in. Highly recommended and huge thanks again to Dave."

Aislinn Dillon

Aug 2015

"I passed my test first time thanks to Dave. I picked him on the recommendation of several friends. His attention to detail is brilliant and his ability to explain what you may be doing wrong and how to improve it comes across very well and puts you at ease if your nervous. A few hours of lessons with Dave and you'll get rid of any bad habits and you'll be on the way to passing your driving test. He is a great instructor and a very nice person to deal with, would recommend to anyone."

Barry Quinn

July 2015

"When Dave first met me I had never been behind the wheel of a car. Thankfully this didn't hinder my progression through his lessons in the slightest. Dave's insightful advice and personalized lesson plans allowed me to pass the driving test on my first attempt. I would definitely recommend Dave to friend's and family looking for a driving instructor who listens and looks after his students. Thanks Dave!"

Ultan Sheils

March 2015

"I just recently passed my test after taking lessons from Dave Lucey. He was professional and friendly and really helped me build up my confidence. Would definitely recommend!"

Eimear Lyons

March 2015

"I contacted Dave Lucey after a number of my friends had highly recommended that I take my lessons with him, I had never driven before and was very nervous but he made me feel at ease straight away. His patience and relaxed demeanour create a learning environment second to none! I passed my test first time and I cannot thank him enough for teaching me so well!"

Liz Jones

February 2015

"I found Dave to be a very helpful and patient teacher. He helped me build my confidence behind the wheel. I learned a lot from him and enjoyed every single lesson. I would highly recommend Dave Lucey School of Motoring to anyone"

Rob Fitzpatrick

January 2015

"With help from Dave Lucey I passed my test first time! What a wonderful Instructor! He always showed a calm, patient and professional manner while building my confidence and covering each lesson thoroughly. At first I was very nervous and had very little experience driving he was so easy to understand and made me feel so confident after the first few lessons. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone having to do their driving test. He is an absolutely exceptional instructor. Thanks for your help Dave"

Nuala Moloney

November 2014

"I passed my test last November thanks to Dave Lucey driving instructor, I had a lot of bad habits and very little confidence in driving he made the whole process very enjoyable ! He has great patience and gave great advice, I would recommend anyone in the Ennis area who are sitting there test to do your lessons with Dave Lucey his knowledge and skills helped me overcome all my fears and pass my test with flying colours!!"

Tara O'Donoghue

November 2014

"When I first started driving,it terrified me! Dave was understanding and patient from the beginning. He allowed me the chance to make my mistakes so I could see where I was going wrong and explain to me how I should be doing it! He always answered my questions, even when I asked the same ones multiple of times! He is so kind and friendly which always made lessons less daunting! He was so helpful right up to the day of the exam, where he even made time for a lesson to calm my nerves. I would highly recommend Dave for driving lessons to anyone who is seeking them."

April Higgins

October 2014

"Hi Dave is a great instructor and easy to get on with. He is very patient and calm. What I found that really helped me that I could have a bit of a laugh with him which made me more at ease. Dave's instructions are straight forward and easy to understand. Good experience."

Ben Smith

September 2014

"It was a pleasure working with Dave during our driving lessons and without a doubt it was down to his insight and lessons that allowed me to pass my test at the first time of trying. I would highly recommend Dave for anyone looking for a proven and friendly instructor."

Conor D

July 2014

"I took driving lessons with Dave in preparation for my test in July 2014 and I really can’t recommend him enough. I had just relocated back to Ireland from the United States and had the added difficulty of being used to driving an automatic car on the right hand side of the road. Dave immediately put me at ease, helped regain my confidence in driving a manual car and got me in shape for my test, which I passed. I was particularly thrilled because I had failed my Irish test previously and very nervous. Dave is extremely professional, friendly, and accommodating, and definitely knows how to get the best out of you. I have absolutely no hesitation recommending Dave to family and friends."

Kathrina Quinn

May 2014

"I'd had lessons with a few different instructors before contacting Dave but he was by far the best. I'm really glad I rang him. He is really patient, encouraging and calm which was just what I needed. It was nice to hear about the things that I was doing well also something other instructors never really mention. I rang him just a couple of weeks before my exam and was only available on a few dates but he was really accommodating with this. Thank you very much Dave."

Sarah McCulllagh

December 2013

"I rang Dave for lessons in a panic two days before my test, he was very obliging and fit me in I had two lessons with him. I found out I had an unbelievable amount of bad habbits and Dave told me straight out what they were, he gave me some great tips to fix them and brought me around the driving route. I practiced hard before my next lesson and had improved greatly thanks to his tips. On the day of my test I was brought on one of the routes Dave had shown me and passed! He is a very patient, knowledgeable and honest instructor who knows the exact test routes, questions and has great tips, I would highly recommend him."

Niamh Tuohy

November 2013

"Dave Lucey is a patient and knowledgeable driving instructor who I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a driving instructor. Dave helped me to overcome my fears and nerves and become a safe driver who just passed her driving test the first time around. I would not have my driving licence today were it not for my lessons with Dave."

Mary-Ann Barry

October 2013

"Thank you so much for your patience, hard work and enthusiasm. You brought me from someone who knew nothing about driving to someone who has no fear behind the wheel. Your lessons were invaluable and I now feel confident on the road. I can't thank you enough for helping me pass my driving test."

Hayley Monloney

October 2013

"Dave is a fantastic instructor. I started lessons with him in May, passed my test in November and am now driving around confidently and safely in a city much bigger than Ennis. If I ever feel nervous or unsure in a driving situation I ask myself "what would Dave tell me to do?". He hasn't let me down yet! Thanks for all the great tuition."

Grainne Johnson

September 2013

"After having Dave teach me how to drive over the summer, I without a doubt passed my test first time round in Sep '13. Before I met Dave I was a nervous driver with no confidence. However, with encouragement from Dave I quickly gained confidence which reflected on my ability to drive safely. Not only didn't he focus on aspects I needed to improve on, but he also focused on the positive aspects of my driving. This also helped me with my confidence.

Dave is a great instructor who I would highly recommend to anyone. His punctuality is outstanding and his patience is fantastic. 5 stars to Dave and his Teaching skills"

Kelly Doolan

July 2013

"Before learning to drive , I was apprehensive about sitting in the drivers' seat but Dave completely put me at ease and had lots patience and was always so calm and helpful whenever nerves would set in while driving! I would definitely recommend those starting to drive to have lessons with Dave - he is very thorough with covering the EDT material and is great at helping people to getting on their way to getting their full licence!"

Siobhan Nestor

July 2013

"Dave came highly recommended from a friend of mine when I started driving and I'm glad he was. He was extremely helpful and encouraging during the lessons and gave great instructions and feedback on how to improve. Thanks to him I passed my test first time and have recommended him to all my friends who are looking to get their license."

Darragh Geoghegan

May 2013

"Dave Lucey is a fantastic driving instructor. He is patient, encouraging, helpful, and always made me feel at ease. I would recommend him to anybody and everybody. Thanks to Dave I enjoyed every minute of my learning experience and I transformed from a nervous driver into to being a confident and safe driver. Choose Dave, and you'll pass with flying colours - 1 mistake in the whole test, that just proves how well prepared I was. It has given me independence that I never realised existed and I cannot possibly thank you enough! Thanks again."

Niamh Mcgrath

March 2013

"Hi Dave, thank you very much for all your patience and encouragement which helped to get me through my test. You are a great instructor and I would recommend you to anyone who wants to take lessons."

Margaret Cassidy, Ennis

March 2013

"Dave Thank you so so much for all your amazing help over the past month! You were the best. I learnt heaps and you actually made me enjoy driving and lessons which is pretty shocking. Its amazing to go back with my licence to Oz and its all thanks to you. Thanks a million again."

Hazel McMahon

March 2013

"Dear Dave, Thank you for being such a great instructor and for helping me pass my test."

Aisling McInerney

January 2013

"Today I passed my driving test the first time I still cannot believe it. Dave was very helpful in the areas I struggled in and supported me throughout my whole journey. Dave is a brilliant instructor from start to finish. I felt extremely comfortable and trusted the advise given by him. I would recommend Dave to anyone especially if you are nervous beginner. Thank you sooo much for teaching me Dave, you are an amazing instructor."

Paulina Ulicka

October 2012

"Dave I just want to say a BIG thank you, I am still on cloud nine after passing my test & I could not have done it without your friendly guidance & for giving me the confidence and skills I needed to be a safe and capable driver."

Caroline Connellan, Ennis

October 2012

"I started lessons with dave in March/April 2012. Id had a few lessons prior to starting with Dave but was still nervous. Dave helped me to relax he was very patient, even when I made mistakes. I passed 1st time in July 2012 Thanks to Dave, I have and will continue to reccommend him"

Kylie carter

October 2012

"I remember the days I started my driving lessons with fond memories. I was a first time driver, whose family never owned a car and knew nothing about driving. The best I could do was to cover my eyes at a sight of an oncoming truck. The first lesson was nerve wrecking. Dave’s patience and humour comforted and settled me. He gave firm and clear instructions that made all the difference and reassurance I needed to gain confidence to make driving seem all so easy. Despite all the questions I asked about cars, in retrospect I now laugh about, he always made me feel comfortable enough to ask more questions no matter how stupid they may have been. He is what I would call the “keep hope alive man”, who always acknowledged and celebrated my achievements, successes and failures no matter how big or small. As a mother, preparing and arranging child minding was part of the preparations for my lessons, thanks to Dave’s flexibility of scheduling lessons pickups and drop offs, I was able to save a few cents. I think Dave’s biggest success story is taking a girl from the back of beyond, building enough confidence and courage in them to steer a car in the right direction, learn and observe the rules and regulations of safe driving. Needless to say, I passed my test first time out, with flying colours. Thanks Dave, no matter how difficult at times it might have been, I have never doubted your support, I would happily recommend you."

Hanani Omar, Ennis

October 2012

"Dave is an excellent driving instructor and I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is a very friendly, kind and patient person and provided me with lots of useful tips for remembering the rules of the road and becoming a safer driver. I always looked forward to my driving lessons and he always made me feel at ease. Having Dave as my instructor I passed my test the first time round and am now a comfortable and confident driver. Thanks Dave!!"

Marina McNamara

December 2011

"With Dave as my instructor I looked forward to driving lessons. His friendly guidance made me feel very comfortable driving, and I was never afraid to ask any questions I had, no matter how stupid I felt they were. Dave's clear instructions gave me the confidence to pass the test first time at ease in September 2011."

Cillian de Buitleir

December 2011

"When I had my first driving lesson I was a complete beginner, I knew absolutely nothing and was very nervous. Dave was extremely kind and patient with me, I never felt under any pressure and I always looked forward to my next lesson with him. As I progressed with my driving, he gave me the confidence and skills I needed to be a safe and capable driver. Now that I have passed my test, I actually miss our lessons every week because I always had a great time during them. I will definitely be recommending him to anyone looking for lessons as he is such a nice, friendly, helpful person. Thank you so much Dave!"

Aoife McGrath

December 2011

"I found Dave to be a very comfortable person to be thought by, there was no pressure and he had everything laid on for me, he was able to tell me my faults without putting me under pressure to correct them, I hadn't really driven much 2 years prior to the test and within a month i had the test passed with flying colours"

Tommy Walsh

August 2011

"I was not driving before I came to Ireland in 2009. After I bought a car I was looking for a driving instructor in Ennis. I googled in Internet & found few instructors in Ennis and left message to all of them call me back. Dave was the first person to ring me back and took the driving lessons with him. I found Dave genuine, punctual, reasonable and very friendly. He's got very strong knowledge about driving rules. His driving lessons fee was very reasonable to current market. I am proud to say I have passed the driving test in the first attempt. Thank you so much Dave!!!"

"I highly recommend Dave Lucey without hesitation!!!"

Siju Paul

July 2011

"After putting off getting my full license for a long time I decided to take some lessons and a friend recommended Dave. He's a great instructor and talks you through everything calmly and thoroughly. Booked a block of lessons and all in all it was about 6 weeks from the time I got my first lesson to the day I passed my test. He's genuinely interested in making you a safer driver after you get your full license and really helped me to be able to drive more sensibly."

Tony Skerritt

July 2011

"I first heard about Dave Lucey through a friend that had took lessons with him and I heard he had a great pass rate and yes she passed. So when i was learning to drive I chose to take lessons with him. From the first lesson I felt completely comfortable in the car with him although he might not have felt as comfortable as me. He is a great instructor and uses a great technique that definetly works as I also passed first time. I highly recommend him to anyone learning to drive. He has great patience, so to all those worried or nervous about learning to drive we all started off as learner drivers."

Marie McEniry

July 2011

"Having comfortably passed my test I can highly recommend Dave for his patient and calm style of driving instruction. Nervous drivers would particularly benefit from Dave's lessons, especially if you are prone to panicking on the road. I really enjoyed learning to drive and am now a confident and safe driver!"

Brian McDonnell

July 2011

"Thanks for all your superb help-I couldn't have passed without you. Your expert tuition and relaxed guidance gave me the confidence and knowledge needed to fly through the test. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dave to family and friends."

Conor Mullen

July 2011

"Dave thought me how to drive! From being a complete novice to passing my Driving test with only two observations, he guided me all the way. He is very patient, gives great tips and has taught me how to be a good and safe driver. Even better was the fact he collected me from my home and dropped me back after the lesson, it was so handy for me. I would recommend anyone thinking about getting driving lessons, to get them with Dave Lucey."

Teresa Manning

July 2011

"Excellent instructor, helped me pass my driving test the first time when only driving 7 months. Helps you learn how to drive from the very start and teaches you how to drive safely at ease. Would highly recommend Dave to anyone starting to drive."

Kelly Kennedy

July 2011

"I found Dave to be a great driving instructor. He has an incredible knowledge and understanding of the rules of the road but even more importantly, he can describe things clearly and has easy methods for remembering all the important points that will help a beginner progress fast.

Found the home pick-up very handy and we even ended a few lessons at my work so it saved me getting a lift out there.

I hadn't driven before I started with Dave and I only drove with Dave (10-12 lessons) before I took & passed my test, 1st time. In those 10-12 hours of tuition, Dave thought me everything I needed to know and gave me the confidence I needed to pass comfortably.

Dave also knows all the routes that people have to drive during their test. So I had driven the route of my test many times before the big day and knew all the speed bumps, junctions, correct road positioning, possibility of kids crossing road etc. I had done my 3 point turn and reverse around corner in the exact spot of the test several times before the test with Dave also, which was a huge help.

Have recommended Dave to all my friends and my sister is currently getting lessons from him and doing well.

Thanks Dave, 5 stars."

Rob Casey

July 2011

"Dave gave me driving lessons in early Autumn '10. He put me at ease straight away as i was quite a nervous driver and made sure i was comfortable with all sections of the driving test before I took the examination. I only had a handful of lessons with Dave but I learned so much. I was well prepared for my test and thanks to Dave I passed on my first go!!!! Strongly recommended!!!!"

Maeve Nestor

July 2011

"Dave taught me how to drive. I found him to be a very organised and appraochable teacher. He was always well prepared and I was impressed by the comprehensive and presonal feedback and comments he had after every lesson. I found he gave instruction well. He had a lovely manner always and was very supportive. I am proud to say that I passed my driving test on the first go. I would strongly recommend him!"

Sonya Mulpeter